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10 Questions to ask before you book the Photo Booth Photo Booth

A photo booth is a must-have for your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah because when done right, they’re instant crowd pleasers. They give guests all the joy of a good selfie, with the added benefit of perfect lighting, a stylish backdrop, and a free-pass for the person with the longest reach to finally try a pose other than arm-awkwardly-outstretched-in-space. Plus, photo booths help party-goers to connect in fun and enjoyable ways. They also send guests home with share-worthy party favors that they’ll want to keep.

With so many photo booth companies out there, how do you know that you’re hiring the right one? Websites, Facebook pages, and Instagram feeds are all fantastic, but nothing beats an informal conversation with a vendor you’re considering. These questions will to ensure that you get the best location for your next event.

1. Is your photo booth closed or open-air?

In general generally speaking, there are two types that comprise photo booths out there: open and closed. The first step on your way towards photo booth perfection is finding a vendor who has the type of booth you’re looking for.

Closed booths are of the classic box design, with all components in a closed compartment. Open-air booths however comprise of free-standing elements, usually comprising a camera, printer, and a backdrop. Closed booths provide more privacy and have a smaller footprint. Minneapolis open-air photo booths are a great option for a variety of uses. This versatility is what has made open-air booths so popular in recent years.

Booths that open to the air can be adapted to fit any theme or style. Because you’re thinking outside the boundaries, you are able to include backgrounds that range from a green screen simple and chic curtains of pattern or color to bespoke three-dimensional installations. The open-air design of open-air booths also means you can fit far more people into each frame than you can in an enclosed booth. 10 is easy, but 20 is not uncommon.

2. What kinds of images does the photo booth produce?

They might be referred to as photos booths however, booths today are able to do more than just take photos. Pick your personal backgrounds (a like a green screen), GIFs, Boomerangs videos, Slo-mo videos are all feasible in the booth you choose. If you’d like to include any of these options for your event, be sure that the booth you choose is able to deliver, and then solicit examples. Nothing tells you about the quality of a booth more than the samples of work that has been done before.

3. Is your booth Wi-Fi enabled?

Do you want your guests to be able to immediately text, email, Facebook or Tweet their pictures? If so, make sure you select a booth that is Wi-Fi-enabled. Be aware that an internet-connected booth is only one piece in the whole. Does your venue have Wi-Fi? If not, or if you don’t know, make certain that the photo booth vendor you choose can supply their own.

4. What type of camera or printer do you use?
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The type of camera, printer, and lighting the booth is what determines the quality of the photos you take. Don’t worry, you don’t have become an expert in the field or comprehend all of the whys and hows, all you need is to know what to look out for.

Here are the responses you want to hear about your photo booth vendor. If a vendor answers “I’m not sure” to the what-kind-of-equipment-do-you-use question, interview over. Hire a vendor who isn’t familiar with the insides of their booth.

    • Camera: DSLR. Simple as that.


    • Printer Dye-sublimation, but not Ink Jet. They’re quicker and prints are dry to the point of touch.


    • Lighting: Strobe with some kind of modeling lighting. The strobe will overwhelm ambient light, freeze action as well as (along with the correct camera settings) will give you the most beautiful quality of color. The modeling light will give you and your guests light to view the surroundings between photographs.



5. Do you have booth attendants? And how many?

“Yes” can be the sole reasonable answer to this question. Having 2 attendants is the norm. From crowd control, to the management of props to troubleshooting, booth attendants are the key in ensuring photo booth success. Be sure that your vendor has an experienced and knowledgeable attendant who is there to assist guests in enjoying their experience at the booth and deal with any hiccups.

6. Do you supply props? What is your preferred type?
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If you’re planning to incorporate props in your photo booth fun, it’s important to consider a vendor’s approach before you book. The quality and selection of props for your photo booth can vary significantly, so make sure to inquire with each vendor you talk to about their take.

Some vendors do not have props or encourage clients to bring their own props. This can be fun or a bit daunting depending on who you are. Either way, can add considerable cost for your expenses. Others prefer 2D paper props, and still others towards 3D objects. Some offer standard props, some curated, others totally customized. This means that you can leave in a variety of locations, from bag of glasses and mustaches or a theme-specific choice that tells the individual story of your event. There are some photo booths that allow you to include digital props as well as after effects using a touchscreen after your photo is taken!

7. What would a typical set up appear like?

There are instances where a photograph is worth more than a thousand words. This is one such instance. Interview the vendors you meet for a photograph of a typical setup for an event. The words “professional,” “elegant,” and “modern” refer to different things to different people; by looking at a picture of a vendor’s setup, you’ll be able to assess for yourself and determine which style they’re using to suit your.

8. How much space do you need?

Many booth styles, various layouts with different space requirements. What booth will be a good fit for your event and the space you’ve imagined? It’s crucial to determine the measurements of the set-up for every booth you consider as well as the height.

When you’re planning an outdoor event, make sure to ask about any specific requirements that the vendor might need to meet. Like other kinds of electronic equipment, photo booths need to be within a certain temperature range in order to function properly and must be protected from elements. A majority of booth owners require some form of cover over the top and a solid backing behind backdrops since direct sunlight isn’t ideal for photography and backdrops could become giant sails in the wind.

9. Are you covered?

Here’s another question where “yes” is the only answer you want to hear. Certain venues insist that all vendors are insured. However, even if you don’t have to be, it’s best for everyone to have them. It’s not as unlikely as it sounds there are accidents that happen and life is a whole lot more comfortable when everyone is protected.

10. What’s included in your package?

In the realm of photo booths, it’s impossible to assess value by cost by itself. Be sure to inquire what services are included in the price of the package you’re thinking of, and what additional services you’re able to add to. Below are a few important categories to look over.

    • Timing:How many hours of booth time is included? What is the cost to add more hours? If your event is running long, can you add time on the day of the celebration?


    • Delivery and Set-Up: Delivery and set up are usually included However, various vendors provide different set-up and travel time frames that can impact the logistics plan. What service area is included? What is the cost for additional mileage? Is there a fee for setup earlier?


    • Idle Time:Depending on the flow of your event, there could be a scenario where your event start time and the time for your booth’s start differ. Let’s suppose you’re organizing an event that starts off with dinner and speeches, then dancing and mingling in the same space. The photo booth to run for the three hours of mingling and dancing, however you must set everything up prior to when guests arrive for dinner. The period between setup completion and booth start time is typically known as idle time, and it is priced at a lower cost as booth hours. If you’re planning to use idle time in your event, make sure you understand the vendor’s rates and rules.


    • Prints: Are on-site prints included? How many prints per session are included in the package? Be aware that unlimited photos and unlimited prints usually aren’t the same thing: unlimited photos signifies that there’s no limit to the number of pictures you can snap during your event and limitless prints mean that each person who is in the frame will be entitled to the printing of a copy.


    • Digital files: Which type of file transfer are you offering? A thumb drive for the event, an web-based gallery …? Will your guests be able to download their photos following the event for without cost? What’s the turnaround time? No matter if you select an option that offers on-site printing for you and your guests, you will need the digital images also. Your event’s photos taking to social media is icing on the cake of photo booth fun.


    • GIFs, Videos, Boomerang, and Filters:Different booths offer different options when it comes to the images they generate. If you’d like an GIF, video Boomerang, or filter for your event, figure out what’s available and what’s included. Always, request for examples to make sure you’re getting the best quality.


    • PropsProps can be a major part of what spark the photo booth fun. Are props included? What type? What size of selection? Are custom props available? These are the kinds of questions you’ll need to ask.


    • Backgrounds As with props, backdrop qualities vary greatly. What kind of backdrops are included? What are the options for upgrading? If you’re in the market for a custom backdrop, make sure to discuss your vision with the vendor before requesting the price.


    • Screens with green:How numerous backgrounds will your customers choose from? Can you see some alternatives in advance?


    • Wi-Fi and sharing: Not all booths are Wi-Fi enabled and those that are tend to bundle the services in a different way. If you want guests to have instant digital access, get the insider knowledge of the options offered by the vendor.


    • Custom-designed photo templates: Many photo booth vendors can design custom templates to match the style of an event. Check to see if the service is included. Many people love to take home their photo booth prints, especially when they display an original design instead of the brand’s logo. You can also add your event’s logo?


    • Enhancements: From custom screens to custom step and repeat backgrounds, to photo guestbooks, photo booth companies offer all types of upgrades that aid their clients in creating the perfect solution. If you have a special need, be sure to obtain a quote in advance.



In the final notes

By answering these questions, you’re on the way to selecting the ideal booth for your next gathering. Your guests will appreciate it. The Internet is likely to be grateful, too. Do yourself a big slap in the back, and prepare to play!